Healing Through Play is a private practice serving children with mental health and behavioral needs.


Empowering Today’s Youth

Is your child struggling emotionally? Are you feeling concerned or overwhelmed by their attitudes or behaviors? I'm here to help. I provide therapy services for children ages 5-12. Primarily using play therapy techniques, I help children recognize and manage their difficult emotions. We work together to improve their coping skills, build their self esteem, and understand & communicate their thoughts & feelings. I can work closely with family members and teachers to enhance their improvements. I also provide a safe space for children to be themselves without judgement, opportunities to learn and grow, and unconditional genuine support and empathy.

In play therapy, toys are like child’s words and play is the child’s language.
— Gary Landreth


I specialize in play therapy, art therapy, and sand tray therapy techniques with children experiencing difficult emotions such as anxiety or depression; as well as, children who are in difficult situations such as parental divorce or periods of grief. I also specialize in working with children to improve their views of themselves and the world they live in.

Parenting is not easy! It's even more difficult when our children aren't happy or succeeding up to their potential. I am fully licensed through the Iowa Board of Social Work. I have extensive training in working with children and families. Please don't hesitate to reach out. I am available to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have.